ESR Questions Safety of a GM Food – NZFSA Shops for “Updated” Advice

New Zealand’s food safety regulator ‘shopped’ for alternative advice when a report it had commissioned from ESR questioned the safety of a GM food. The original report by Dr Lou …
10 October 2008|Topics: , , ,

Credibility of Food Safety Regulation takes a Significant Hit

The credibility of New Zealand’s food safety regulation has taken a significant hit today with the approval of GM lysine corn as a human food. There were not just one …
20 December 2007|Topics: , , , ,

NZ Has Strong Grounds for Rejecting GM Lysine Corn Decision

New Zealand has strong grounds for rejecting the application to make GM lysine corn a legal food. Significant health risks remain untested and the credibility of New Zealand’s food …
9 October 2007|Topics: , , , ,