GM Food Production Still a Story of the Americas

GM agriculture today is overwhelmingly just four commodity crops: soy, maize, canola and cotton account for 99%. And 97% of the GM food crops produced in 2016  were grown …

Zero Tolerance, Billion Dollar Losses

Growing GMOs before they have been approved for use in export markets continues to result in punishing consequences. Most of New Zealand’s key trading partners have zero tolerance …

GM Food Production Remains an American Inc Affair

GM food production continues to be a story of the Americas. In 2014, 99% of all GM food grown in 2014 was produced on the American continent …
11 February 2015|Topics: ,

NZ’s Climate Change Targets, Projections and Liabilities

New Zealand plans to meet existing commitments to reduce emissions largely through creative carbon accounting.  It will make a third emissions pledge in 2015 and the Treasury advises the …
8 December 2014|Topics:

Busted at the Border. The Cost of Unapproved GMOs

GMOs and the High Cost of Running Ahead of Market Approval Growing GMOs before they have been approved for use in export markets continues to result …
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Carbon Budgeting: Integrated Planning for Climate Action

The more it is recognised that pricing instruments such as the ETS are simply tools, and the real action lies in how carbon budgets are set, the greater will …
8 August 2013|Topics: ,

The TPP: No Partnership with the Environment

The environment will be a major loser under terms put forward for the latest free trade deal The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a proposed arrangement between New Zealand, the US …
2 June 2013|Topics:

The Carbon Budget Deficit

A carbon budget is essential to planning for serious emission reductions. It details the expected carbon flows and associated financial commitments for a country. Read The Carbon Budget Deficit.
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GM Food Production: Facts and Figures

This document has key facts and figures about global GM food production, and why New Zealand does not currently grow GM crops. Read GM Food Production Facts and Figures 2012.
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