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Dow Excluded from Precedent Setting Case on GM Law

The High Court has ruled that US multinational Dow cannot intervene in a precedent setting court case concerning whether a new plant breeding technique is covered under New Zealand’s …
10 October 2013|Topics: , , ,

GM Free Food Good Business for NZ Inc

In the sixteen years since GM crops started growing in the US, New Zealand has remained a GM free food producer. Not because of red tape, nor because New Zealanders …
5 September 2012|Topics: , ,

Brave New Biosecurity

Threats posed by new forms of GMOs under development represent a fundamental challenge to New Zealand’s approach to biosecurity labelling requirements. A relatively new treaty that regulates the international …

Rural NZ Supports Food Production Remaining GM Free

The most recent poll on public attitudes to GMOs shows rural and urban dwellers equally support the concept that New Zealand should remain a GM Free Food producer. Read the …
1 October 2005|Topics: , ,

75% Support NZ Remaining a GM Free Food Producer

Three quarters of New Zealanders would support the nation’s food production remaining GM Free. A poll conducted this month for the Sustainability Council by DigiPoll resulted in 74.5% supporting New …
16 August 2005|Topics: ,

Anderton’s Stance Shows Importance of GM Food Restraint

The Progressive Coalition’s decision to vote against the NOOM Bill demonstrates the importance of legal restraints on the growing of GM food said Sustainability Council Executive Director Simon Terry. …
14 October 2003|Topics: , ,

GM and GM Foods: FAQ

The Sustainability Council has put together this list of commonly asked questions around GM foods and managing GM in the community. Read the report: GM FAQ
22 September 2003|Topics: , ,

United Paints Misleading Picture on GM Economics

United Future leader Peter Dunne yesterday ventured into the debate over GM release with a media statement that paints an entirely misleading picture of what is at stake for …
9 September 2003|Topics: , ,

Council welcomes NZ First announcement

The Sustainability Council welcomes the NZ First announcement that GM food production should be treated differently from other GM applications and that more time is required before the current …
29 August 2003|Topics: ,