A Constitutional Moment – Gene Drive and International Governance

Research into gene drives – a new form of genetic engineering to wipe out pests – has had a lot of attention, but there has been scant recognition that …
30 July 2018|Topics: , , ,

Five Reasons NZ Should Not Deregulate New Genetic Engineering Techniques

Developers want the Government to relax New Zealand’s laws on genetic modification (GM) to allow a new generation of genetic engineering techniques to escape regulation. They hope that …
22 December 2016|Topics: ,

The Environment Under TPPA Governance

Close scrutiny of the final Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPPA) text reveals that its impact on the environment is even worse than had been expected from leaked drafts.  A new 
22 January 2016|Topics: , ,

Pressure Mounting on NZ for Real Emissions Reductions

After many years focused on creative accounting, New Zealand is facing pressure to deliver emission reduction results. Things are different partly because the two biggest carbon polluters, the US and …

Busted at the Border. The Cost of Unapproved GMOs

GMOs and the High Cost of Running Ahead of Market Approval Growing GMOs before they have been approved for use in export markets continues to result …
1 October 2014|Topics: , ,

Do Costs from the TPP Outweigh Gains?

Opinion Article, Dominion Post By Simon Terry, Executive Director, Sustainability Council The Trans-Pacific Partnership covers a lot of non-trade matters, so why is there a reluctance to discuss the overall balance …
14 February 2014|Topics:

Economic Gains and Costs from the TPP

Review of Modelled Economic Impacts of the Trans Pacific Partnership The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) bundles standard gains from trade with a wide range of non-trade requirements …
5 February 2014|Topics:

Right to Sue Under Trade Deal is Pernicious and Unnecessary

Some things should not be traded.  When it comes to deals about trade, governments should not give foreign investors the right to sue them in offshore tribunals. Yet the US …
11 December 2013|Topics:

New GM Foods Designed to Escape Regulation

A new generation of genetically modified (GM) foods is in the pipeline and if developers get their way, they won’t be labelled. In fact, they won’t be regulated at …
6 November 2013|Topics: , , ,