The TPP: No Partnership with the Environment

The environment will be a major loser under terms put forward for the latest free trade deal The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a proposed arrangement between New Zealand, the US …
2 June 2013|Topics:

The Carbon Budget Deficit

A carbon budget is essential to planning for serious emission reductions. It details the expected carbon flows and associated financial commitments for a country. Read The Carbon Budget Deficit.
8 September 2012|Topics: , ,

GM Food Production: Facts and Figures

This document has key facts and figures about global GM food production, and why New Zealand does not currently grow GM crops. Read GM Food Production Facts and Figures 2012.
5 September 2012|Topics: , ,

Citizens’ Arrest: Accounting for the Arrested Development of GM Foods

GM crops are not in New Zealand fields because developers cannot get sufficient support from food producers and consumers, not because the law is holding them back. State-funded developers have …

Right to Choose GM Free Food on the Line with Free Trade Deal?

Will losing the right to choose GM free food be a price of the next and biggest free trade deal? The US has made clear that a priority for …
11 November 2011|Topics: , , ,

Semantically Engineered Grasses

Despite ongoing market resistance to use of the technology in the food chain and in key export markets, Pastoral Genomics and AgResearch are each committing tens of millions of …

Hide and Seek

Developers Skirt Around Detectability of Cisgenic GMOs. Lack of transparency by the GM food industry has been a driver of market resistance to its products. Research in New Zealand and …

New Zealand GM Pasture Grass R+D

Three Programmes and a New Technology Tens of millions of public science dollars have been directed to the development of GM pasture species in New Zealand over the last two …
21 June 2011|Topics: , ,

Betting the farm

If New Zealand chose not to approve the use of GM grasses developed by Pastoral Genomics, no economic penalty is expected as a non-GM technique could provide the same …