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Seeding purity

New practices for supplying maize seed to New Zealand demonstrate how the policy of zero tolerance to GM contaminated seed can be maintained at little or no cost to …

ABARE Report on GM Economics Ignores Consumer Rejection

A report projecting huge economic losses for Australia and New Zealand if GM crops are not adopted leaves out of its modelling the widespread consumer rejection of GM food, …
20 October 2003|Topics: ,

Canadians Contradict Government Assurances on GM

Government assurances that export markets will not be affected by GM plantings in New Zealand are contradicted by a previously secret paper from a country that Government cites as …
6 October 2003|Topics: , ,

GM and GM Foods: FAQ

The Sustainability Council has put together this list of commonly asked questions around GM foods and managing GM in the community. Read the report: GM FAQ
22 September 2003|Topics: , ,

Environmental Regulator Left to Make Key Economic Calls

A select committee review of proposed GM legislation has left a fundamental economic question to an environmental regulator, ERMA said Sustainability Council Executive Director Simon Terry. Instead of recommending that …
1 September 2003|Topics: , , ,

Popular support for NZ Remaining a GM Free Food Producer

70% of New Zealanders would support this country’s food production remaining GM Free, according to a new Colmar Brunton poll. “Legislation now before Parliament should provide for New Zealand remaining …
16 August 2003|Topics: , ,

Clean Green Wine. Why NZ Should Remain a GM Free Food Producer

New Zealand primary producers benefit enormously from the nation’s clean,green image. This includes the wine industry, which relies heavily upon the country brand for its market cachet. To date, no …
8 August 2003|Topics: , ,

GM Food Production Would Damage Brand NZ

The debate over the release of GM organisms is too often set up around a false choice that could cost food exporters dearly. This treats the growing of GM …
6 August 2003|Topics: , ,

Australian States Reject GM Food Production

Australia is set to remain a GM Free Food Producer, even though the federal authorities have recently approved two GM canola varieties for commercial release. To date, five of Australia’s …
28 July 2003|Topics: , ,