Busted at the Border. The Cost of Unapproved GMOs

GMOs and the High Cost of Running Ahead of Market Approval Growing GMOs before they have been approved for use in export markets continues to result …
1 October 2014|Topics: , ,

High Court Ruling a Win for NZ Food Inc

Stephanie Howard is Projects Director at the Sustainability Council This opinion piece appeared in Farmers Weekly, June 16 2014 In a competitive global marketplace, successful agricultural …
11 July 2014|Topics: , , ,

Is the EPA a Reliable Guardian of the Environment?

A spectacular fail by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) raises serious questions about its reliability as a guardian of the environment. At issue was the EPA’s decision to allow GMOs …
6 June 2014|Topics: , ,

High Court Prevents Developers From Bypassing GM Laws

The High Court has quashed a decision by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) that would have allowed developers of genetically modified crops to bypass New Zealand’s GM laws. The Court …
22 May 2014|Topics: , ,

Dow Excluded from Precedent Setting Case on GM Law

The High Court has ruled that US multinational Dow cannot intervene in a precedent setting court case concerning whether a new plant breeding technique is covered under New Zealand’s …
10 October 2013|Topics: , , ,

GM Trojan Horses

The US plans to get other countries to bring their GM food laws into line with its own and New Zealand needs to make clear its protections are non-negotiable. …
26 August 2013|Topics: , ,

Genetic Engineers Get Approval to Bypass Regulator

The Sustainability Council has begun High Court action to appeal a ruling that allows genetically engineered plants to be grown in New Zealand without any regulatory approval. A surprise decision …
20 June 2013|Topics: , , ,

GM Free Food Good Business for NZ Inc

In the sixteen years since GM crops started growing in the US, New Zealand has remained a GM free food producer. Not because of red tape, nor because New Zealanders …
5 September 2012|Topics: , ,

GM Food Production: Facts and Figures

This document has key facts and figures about global GM food production, and why New Zealand does not currently grow GM crops. Read GM Food Production Facts and Figures 2012.
5 September 2012|Topics: , ,