GM release?

GM Food Production: Facts and Figures

This document has key facts and figures about global GM food production, and why New Zealand does not currently grow GM crops. Read GM Food Production Facts and Figures 2012.
5 September 2012|Topics: , ,

A First GMO Release or Kite Flying?

UPDATE: The Ministry for the Environment’s briefing to the incoming Government contained the following advice to its new minister: “Applications for genetic modification of roses and onions may be received …
29 November 2005|Topics: , ,

Rural NZ Supports Food Production Remaining GM Free

The most recent poll on public attitudes to GMOs shows rural and urban dwellers equally support the concept that New Zealand should remain a GM Free Food producer. Read the …
1 October 2005|Topics: , ,

United Paints Misleading Picture on GM Economics

United Future leader Peter Dunne yesterday ventured into the debate over GM release with a media statement that paints an entirely misleading picture of what is at stake for …
9 September 2003|Topics: , ,

Environmental Regulator Left to Make Key Economic Calls

A select committee review of proposed GM legislation has left a fundamental economic question to an environmental regulator, ERMA said Sustainability Council Executive Director Simon Terry. Instead of recommending that …
1 September 2003|Topics: , , ,

Inadequate GM Legislation Introduced Tomorrow

Government will tomorrow introduce legislation to open the way for GM release. “Less than a fortnight after it issued a report showing how any release of an agricultural GMO could …
28 April 2003|Topics: , ,

Economics Report Fails to Justify GM Release

A study undertaken for Government has failed to show any sure economic gains from releasing GMOs. It shows no concrete benefits that would justify New Zealand giving up now …

Cabinet Faces Key Tests on Approach to GM Release

Cabinet today faces key tests on its approach to the release of GMOs. It is considering changes to the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act that governs how ERMA makes …
3 February 2003|Topics: , ,

The Year of the Dog

By Sam Neill Happy New Year. And a peaceful one too, God willing. However, at this, the time of year normally reserved for optimism, if you can detect the telltale tick …
1 January 2003|Topics: , ,