New GM Foods Designed to Escape Regulation

A new generation of genetically modified (GM) foods is in the pipeline and if developers get their way, they won’t be labelled. In fact, they won’t be regulated at …
6 November 2013|Topics: , , ,

GM Trojan Horses

The US plans to get other countries to bring their GM food laws into line with its own and New Zealand needs to make clear its protections are non-negotiable. …
26 August 2013|Topics: , ,

Carbon Budgeting: Integrated Planning for Climate Action

The more it is recognised that pricing instruments such as the ETS are simply tools, and the real action lies in how carbon budgets are set, the greater will …
8 August 2013|Topics: ,

The TPP: No Partnership with the Environment

The environment will be a major loser under terms put forward for the latest free trade deal The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a proposed arrangement between New Zealand, the US …
2 June 2013|Topics:

Risk Bearers Best Placed to Make Decisions

If a local community does not itself want to amend a council plan to allow a particular RMA activity to proceed then that is a good sign that it …
14 April 2013|Topics:

The Carbon Budget Deficit

A carbon budget is essential to planning for serious emission reductions. It details the expected carbon flows and associated financial commitments for a country. Read The Carbon Budget Deficit.
8 September 2012|Topics: , ,

GM Free Food Good Business for NZ Inc

In the sixteen years since GM crops started growing in the US, New Zealand has remained a GM free food producer. Not because of red tape, nor because New Zealanders …
5 September 2012|Topics: , ,

GM Food Production: Facts and Figures

This document has key facts and figures about global GM food production, and why New Zealand does not currently grow GM crops. Read GM Food Production Facts and Figures 2012.
5 September 2012|Topics: , ,

Nanomaterials—are we looking at the next asbestos?

At the annual Fire Department Instructor Conference in Indianapolis this year, a new topic was on the agenda: risks to firefighters from engineered nanomaterials. The prompt was a sports store …