ETS: Bill to a Future Generation

Proposed changes to the emissions trading scheme (ETS) would result in 84% or more of the nation’s multi-billion dollar Kyoto liability being put on to future taxpayers. Today’s polluters …
12 February 2009|Topics: ,

Corporate Welfare Under the ETS

This briefing provides indicative estimates of the subsidies that were to be payable to eight major industrial emitters under the proposed rules for the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) proposed …
18 June 2008|Topics: ,

The Carbon Challenge

The proposed rules for the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) will involve huge transfers of wealth but make very little difference to New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions in the next …
30 April 2008|Topics: ,

The Regulatory Response to GM Lysine Corn

New Zealand has strong grounds for rejecting the application to make GM lysine corn a legal food. Significant health risks remain untested and the credibility of New Zealand’s food …
9 October 2007|Topics: , , ,

Popular Decarbonisation

An equitable and effective approach to addressing climate change can be set through giving each citizen an equal number of emission permits. Addressing climate change requires a price to be …
2 November 2006|Topics:

Germany’s Liability Law for GMO Cultivation

Germany’s approach to setting new GMO liability law provides an important example for New Zealand, states a paper released today by the Sustainability Council. The German Government has sought to …
3 July 2006|Topics: , ,

NZ Out in Front on GM Sterile Seeds

An international understanding restraining the use of techniques to make plants sterile is being challenged by a small group of countries that includes New Zealand. Decisions are scheduled to …
22 March 2006|Topics: , , ,

Contaminated Land—Pass the Parcel

A massive transfer of liability to innocent parties is set to take place unless Government puts new measures in place to fund cleanup of contaminated sites. MFE estimates that the …

GM and GM Foods: FAQ

The Sustainability Council has put together this list of commonly asked questions around GM foods and managing GM in the community. Read the report: GM FAQ
22 September 2003|Topics: , ,